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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Wheels Throught Time - Maggie Valley Ride 2018 (August 27, 2018)

The Wheels Through Time museum is located in Maggie Valley NC. and houses a collection of 300 rare and unique motorcycles. The museum is owned by Dale Walksler and opened in 2002 in a 38,000 foot facility. The unique thing about the museum is that just about every bike on exhibit is in running condition where the nickname "The Museum That Runs" came from.

On Monday, we headed out from our campsite north of Knoxville and headed south east along I-40 to Maggie Valley. The day was warm and the sunshine made for a nice ride through the mountains. After a great breakfast at the Maggie Valley Restaurant we headed to the museum.

Once inside you are welcomed into the ticket and gift shop where your adventure begins.

After touring the museum, we rode US-19 through town to see what else Maggie Valley had to offer. We visited a few of the tourist shops for T-shirts and other items and cooled the day with an ice cream from a shop from the Market Square.

The day was getting late and we started our ride back to Knoxville. The clouds started to build as we headed north only to be met by a few drops of liquid sunshine. As the drops began to get bigger and more frequent, it was evident that we would have to make an unscheduled stop.

By the time we reached exit 435 just outside of Newport the roads had started to flood. We took refuse at a Weigel's gas station and parked the bikes under the gas pump roof and headed inside for some warm drinks as the rain had turned the air cool. As the rain subsided, we moved to a local McDonalds to feed our growing hunger while waiting for the storms to progress further north and out of our ride destination.

Back on the road we met with an accident that had backed traffic some 2 miles. As we creeped along we found the trouble had been a tractor trailer truck who's trailer had caught fire and was blocking the right two lanes. Once clear of the traffic jam, our ride continued and we arrived back at camp just as darkness fell.

The museum entrance
A painting inside the museum
A wonderful display of restored and as they are motorcyles

love the tires and three wheel action
one of the hill climbers
a beautifully restored Harley
The engine shop
what a great lace wheel
Fletcher Flyer....
The old gas station and repair shop replica
The twins...
Indian service car
Our riding partners
My wife and I
One of the many wood carving shops through town
mountains in the distance
On our way back to Knoxville on I-40
dark clouds moving in
just wet pavement for now
trucks traffic
the fog of the smokey mountains



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