Mobile Amateur Radio/GPS Tracking System Installation

The mobile rig uses a Kenwood TM-D700A Dual Band radio with Diamond SG7500A antenna, Garmin StreetPilot GPS, and RIGrunner 4005 power distribution system.  This system can provide navigational mapping through the GPS and tracking using the position provided by the GPS and transmitted through the radio on a frequency of 144.39 MHz.  A network system called APRS uploads the position information to a Internet web site call  By using the Call sign of KC8YVF-15, the vehicle can be tracked when the system is active.  A Mobile Tactical computer is used to provide larger moving maps and additional information.

The radio display head was mounted using a RAM standard base, two 3" arms, a double ball coupler and a platform mount.
The Garmin StreetPilot III GPS was mounted to the dash using a Garmin locking base. 
Power and data connections run from the GPS to a Molex connection at the radio control head.  This allows the GPS and its cable to be removed when not in use.  The Molex jack was attached to an "L" bracket mounted to the back of the RAM platform mount.
A microphone extension was run from the radio to a connection point hear the control head using a CAT5 straight through cable and female coupler.
The radio was mounted under the drivers seat.  Power was supplied using a RIGrunner 4005 power distribution system .
Power was supplied directly from the battery.  Both the positive and negative connections were fused.  All wiring was run in split tubing and secured to prevent shorting.
An MFJ 281 mobile speaker was mounted to the left side door pillar behind the drivers seat.
A Diamond SG7500A antenna with a Diamond K515S luggage rack mount.
Photo to follow A Mobile Tactical computer system is used provide larger, moving maps,  APRS, packet, weather information and messaging capabilities.  Connection to the radio base is provided by a standard straight-though DB9 female-to-female cable. 


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