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(Shop Layout)
The Wood Shop (Fall 1997)

The basement is the location of my wood shop. It was transformed into a 12 x 18 foot room with plenty of surface space for tools and general work. New oak cabinets provide the storage space needed for hand tools and small parts as well as under counter space for larger items. Peg board on the walls allow for hanging both large and small items. A shop vacuum system and air filtration system remove saw and sanding dust from the work area.

This area covers the drill press, and bar clamps.
This area covers the band saw/ grinder stations with storage in the cabinets below.
This areas covers the bench sander and storage.
This areas covers the miter saw and jig saw stations. The black hose on the miter saw connects to the shop vacuum system. In the background is the computer drafting station which is connected to a Local Area Network.
This is the lumber storage area. There is space to store full 4x8 foot sheet products as well as smaller lumber. In the foreground is the work table. In the background is the printer and network control area.
The table saw is in the center of the room.

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