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The Shed (May 1998)

With all kinds of stuff to store and no place to store it, a shed was the logical choice. Here was the process from start to finish. The plans were composed from a couple different designs and slight modification were made to incorporate the garage door in place of a standard swing out doors.

All things start with a good foundation. The ground was leveled and concrete blocks were laid. The frame was squared and the treated plywood was applied on top.
The framing begins to take shape.
The wall framing is complete and the door headers are in place.
Next was the wall sheeting.
Another look...
The 2"x10" braces support the walls, roof, and loft that will be added later in the project.
The roof begins to take shape.
Each truss was hand cut and placed 24"OC.
The remainder of the sheeting is in place.
The 8" gable was added in the front and back...
..and the roof sheeting was applied.
The garage door was a change from the original plans which had the traditional swing out doors.
With the singles in place, now time for the siding.

A loft added additional storage with the 8-12 roof pitch.

The soffits were first, then the outside edge channel and starter strip.
Once the J-channel was in place the siding went quick.
The finished front...
The finished side.

A 20 amp electrical service panel was added to proved lighting and electrical outlets.

With painted trim and doors, the job is complete.


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