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The Roof and Garage Siding project (Summer 2000)

In 1995 a new roof  was laid on the back half of the house.  Because of budget constraints, the front half was pushed back to this year.  We first started by replacing the front storm door.  While doing that, we found water damage to the casing and garage wall.  After repairing the damage, we had opened up another can of worms, the current aluminum siding would have to be replaced as well.  The picture below will tell the story.

First the old roofing had to be removed. There had been 2 layers.
Next the roofing felt was laid and the shingling began.
The garage roof posed a challenge.
The water problem that had plaged the old roof  where it joined the house had to be correctred.  The paper-backed foam insullation was removed .

A rubberized rolled roofing material created a barrier between the roof and the house wall.
Then the roofing felt was laid.
  New siding and roofing finished the job.
Because of water damage, the windows had rotted.
The old windows were removed and the opening re-framed.
New vinyl double-pane sliding windows were installed.
The inside after the windows were installed.
Next the old aluminum siding had to be removed...
to be later recycled.
Beneath the siding was a paper-backed foam material.
It was also removed.


Another look.
And finally we were down to the original wooden lap boards.
They were left in place.
A new layer of R-1 fan-fold insulation replaced the old paper-backed foam.
This gave a flat nailing surface for the new vinyl siding.
Once the outside molding was installed, the siding went up pretty quick.

Working on the side.
The front of the garage needed a lot of work.
The garage door opening was some 2" out of square along the top .


garage18.jpg (15279 bytes) Once the openning was corrected, new trim was added and painted.
Giving the finished look

garage17.jpg (21485 bytes)

A look at the new front door and trim.


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