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The Fish Pond (Summer 1999)

To add some color and attraction to the backyard, my wife and I decided that a fish pond and waterfall was what was needed. 

First the retaining wall bricks and landscaping lumber was brought in.  A preformed pond and liner will be used to construct the waterfall and catch basin.  The landscaping lumber was used to construct a retaining wall with an air gap between it and the brick wall.
The retaining wall bricks will form the outer wall and give the area contour and character.
With the wall in place and the catch basin set, fill dirt will be use to form the area for the waterfall.  A pool liner will be used to line the path the water will follow.
5 yards of top soil filed the area around the pond.
The waterfall starts to take shape.
2000 pounds of field stones were used around the pond and to form the shape of the waterfall.  Slate and other decorative stones were also added.
An additional 200 pounds of beach pebbles were used around the waterfall to fill the small gaps....
Plants and flowers give color and enhance the look.
The finished pond will include accent lighting and a fountain in the pond.


Another look at the flowers...
more flowers...
And  another look...
The finished look in the evening sun.


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