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The Office (Fall 1999)

After my wife began her home business after working for a company for 18 years, we needed to remodel the office to have space for 2 people to work .  The room was emptied, new carpet was laid, additional files were added and a new workspace for 2 with a conference table finished the room.

The floor plan
New carpet was laid. It included a border for accent.
Here is another look toward the closet.
One workstation on the left side of the room.....
with the conference table separating the two.
and the other workstation is on the right.
The printer station is located across from the work area to
allow for easy access.  The Fax sits next to the printers
Another look at the print station.
The Local Area Network is controlled by an HP managed 24 port hub,
with a Internet Sharing router and 2-56k modems.
This look shows both work areas.


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