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The Kitchen (1994 - 1996)

The Kitchen was a three year project. I was able to work on it mainly during the winter months. Under 2 layers of paint and a coat of dark stain was to our surprise, beautiful red oak cabinets. A large broom closet was converted into two storage cupboards and a place for the microwave. One cabinet was missing a door and had to be made to match the 30 year old existing doors. Each door was striped of the old finishes and sanded with a white wash as the new finish. The two layers of vinyl floor were removed and a new oak floor went in its place. The photos show the story.

The look before. The cabinets were painted with an oil based outdoor paint over a dark stain.
The broom closet before.
The broom closet was converted to a pantry and space for the microwave.
The finished look. A single door was cut in half and two doors were constructed.
The upper cabinets received new face frames while the doors were striped and recycled.
The completed cabinets and range hood.
The cabinet on the right was missing the door. A new one was constructed to match the existing 30 years old ones.
At this point a new floor was needed. Removing the old floor was the next task.
Prepping the sub floor...
And laying the new oak hard wood floor.


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