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Sunday, 07 January 2018


Kenwood UBZ-LF14 FreeTalk™ FRS Radio
Kenwood's UBZ-LF14 can be used straight out of the
box. Since it's classified as an FRS (Family Radio Service) no license is needed!
Despite it's compact size, it still has a Maximum range of 2 miles. 


  • All 14 FRS Channels
  • 38 CTCSS Tone Groups, "Talk Groups"
    The group mode allows you to chat with family and friends without
    hearing other FRS radio traffic on the same channel. 
  • RF Output 300 milliwatts 
  • Scramble Mode (Kenwood EXCLUSIVE) 
    Switch on the PrivacyTalk function and your
    conversations will be electronically scrambled so
    they can't be overheard on other FRS radios tuned
    to the same frequency. 
  • 4Call Tones (5 call tones when using SMC-34 speaker microphone) 
  • Back-lit Liquid Crystal Display (allows use even in the dark.)
  • Key Lock (prevents accidental changing of transceiver settings)
  • Compact and Lightweight (6.3 oz. w/3 "AA" alkaline batteries installed)
  • Swivel antenna which folds flush with the back panel. 
  • Swivel Mount (allows radio to be used in horizontal or vertical position)
  • Extended Operation with Battery Save and Alert (40 hours, 120 max on Standby)
  • Auto Power Off -APO (2 hours)
  • Time-out Timer (3 or 10 minutes)
  • Beep Tone Control
  • Auto Channel Select 
    FreeTalk™ radios set to the same group mode can
    automatically search out and lock on to a vacant
    channel, allowing you to enjoy conversations free
    from interference.


SMC-34 mic UBC-4 Drop in Battery Charger UPB-2 Ni-cad Battery Pack


Motorcycle Helmet FRS System:


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