Radio installation

The antenna was mounted to a bracket I made out of a piece of 1/8"x2" aluminum.


And attached to the trunk mounting screw.
The wire was run under the seat and fuel tank to an opening in the left side of the fairing,
where a series of wires entered and was protected by a rubber boot.


A close-up of the mount.  The antenna is a gutter mount antenna purchased from Radio Shack.


I created a mounting plate out of 1/16" sheet metal using the original pocket for a template.
Cut the opening for the radio with a jig saw.
The radio can be no deeper then 6 inches in order to fix around the fairing vent.
I purchased a Koss MS503 AM/FM/CD from Circuit City.
Unfortunately, the CD will not play in the vertical position.  I mainly wanted the radio.


I attached snaps along the edges using a pop-rivet gun.


And had my wife make a cover similar to the original pocket cover to protect the radio when not used.
The cover was made from black naugahyde.
The material and snaps were purchased from the local fabric store.


I mounted a pair of Radio Shack speakers to the fairing.
The wiring was already in place in the fairing for a factory radio.  I use a multimeter to
test for power and ground and ran the speaker wire to the same area.  Removing the
turn signals from the fairing made the job easier.
The radio did not come with a headphone jack, I use the speakers only, which I can hear
quite easily up to hi-way speeds.  I think Radio Shack sells a kit to attach a headphone
jack which will disconnect the speakers when plugged in - I had one before.