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Sunday, 07 January 2018

Welcome to the home improvement page. When I'm not working, I do find time to work on a vast amount of home improvement projects. Whether serious or for fun, here are a few links for anyone into that weekend fix-em-up project.
Or check out the projects my wife and I have undertaken below.  

This Old House
The New Yankee Workshop
Bob Vila's Home Again
Better Homes and Garden
Ron Hazelton
Popular Mechanics

Do It Yourself.com

Sears Craftsman

Owens Corning

(Click here for floorplan)


Remodeling Projects

Family Room floor remodel (Summer 2015)
The Garage remodel (Fall 2001) The new Driveway (Fall 2000)
The Bedroom remodel (Summer 2000) The Roof and Garage remodel (Summer 2000)
The Office remodel (Fall 1999) The Bathroom remodel (Winter 1999)
The Backyard Pond (Summer 1999) The Gardens (Spring 1999)
The China Cabinet (1998) The Living Room remodel (Winter 1998, 1999)
The Wood Shop (1997) The Shed (1998)
The Kitchen remodel (1994-96) The Family Room remodel (1995)
The Front Deck (1993) The fresh coat of paint, brick-by-brick (1993)


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