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Sunday, 07 January 2018

HJC-2002 Alarm System installation

  • The unit itself was placed under the drivers seat.  It was a tight fit, but worked fine.
  • The red and black wires attached to the + and - terminals of the battery.
  • The yellow wires are for the signal light function.  On top of the rear fender is a cluster of wires.  One yellow wire was spliced into the orange wire and the other yellow wire was spliced into the blue wire.
  • The white wire is the antenna wire.  I ran it along the frame under the seat.
  • The blue wires are for the ignition interrupt.  I elected not to connect this feature.
  • I installed the LED indicator in the left side of the fairing.   The wire ran under the fuel tank and into an opening in the side of the fairing.   A 9/32" hole was drilled and the light was fished out of the hole.  The LED was inserted in the holder and then pressed into the hole.

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