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Sunday, 07 January 2018

Trailer Hitch installation

For a couple of years I had toyed with  the idea of adding a trailer to the bike.  Searching the Internet resulted in little options for a hitch for any '82 Silverwing.  At this years Honda Homecoming I talked to a guy from EZY Tow Trailers and asked him if he was able to get a hitch for my bike.  He contacted his supplier Denray and was able to get a hitch for my bike.  The wiring converter came from Draw-Tite.

The hitch is made of chromed square steel tubing. 
and has aluminum supports
The top of the support was attached to the saddlebag support rail using a 5/16" x 1" bolt with 5/16 locknut and washers on both sides.
The bottom of the support was attached with the supplied bolt and acorn nut.
The hitch rail was attached to the passenger foot peg.  A longer bolt was needed for this installation.  The factory bolt was removed and a 10mm x 50mm, 125 pitch, class 8.8 bolt 2" long was used.  This bolt is long enough to threaded through the frame and tighten down leaving about one inch exposed on the back side.  The hitch mounting bracket was slid on to this bolt and secured in place with a 10mm class 8.8 hex lock nut. 
My mud flap was cut to fit around the hitch.
The hitch included a 1 7/8" ball and mount for safety chains.
The completed project.
Taillight converter to go from the bikes 5 wire system to the trailers 4 wire system.



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