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The Garage remodel (Fall 2001- Spring 2002)

Well we are running out of projects.  Having remodeled ever room in the house, it was time to start on the garage.  The garage was constructed of 2x4's and the roof was hand framed using 2x6's.  There were only 4 braces running from the outside wall to the side of the house for support of the roof and walls.  A doubled 2x6 in the center and 2 other 2x6's spaced some 4+ feet apart.  In order to add storage above the garage allot of additional support was needed.  Five additional 2x6 rafters were added and cross braces placed using joist hangers to complete a grid of support.  A floor was put down and a pull down ladder was put in to add easy access to the stuff stored above.  A problem came by adding the additional rafters.  The original support had sagged in the middle some 2 inches and the new supports were level.   Putting drywall on the ceiling would have a wave effect if left as is.  To correct the problem with the original rafters would have meant removing and replacing them.  This was not an easy or time effective alternative.  To solve the problem a grid of strings level with the lowest point of the rafters was laid out.   Then a series of 1x2" firing strips were shimmed to the level of the strings.   With a level surface, the ceiling drywall could now be hung.  The result looked like everything was normal above.   The back part of the garage roof was drywalled at the angle of the roof rafters giving a higher area to hang 3 bicycles.   New lights and electrical outlets were added and new storage cabinets and the job was complete.

The ceiling is in place, and level.  A job well done, but took 3 days longer to complete then planed.
The bikes will be moved to the higher part of the angle to get them out of the way.
Framing for the angle.
The angled part of the back of the garage.
A look at the original roof framing.
A new outside light was added but the wire that originally supplied the light was now too short.   A junction box was to allow the addition of more wire.
Framing the opening over the back house entrance.
the framing for the walls goes up.
another look
A look from above at the framing that will cover
the back entrance door to the house
The pull down ladder is shown at the top of this photo.
The pull down stairs
The new storage cabinets
The new storage cabinets
The walls will be taped and the joint compound added in the spring of 2002
stay tuned for more photos at that time.



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