Easy Riders Rodeo Tour  (August 20-22, 2004 Fowlerville, MI)

The Easy Riders Rodeo Tour is held in Fowlerville Michigan off I96.  This was my first time and although I could only stay Friday, It was an interesting event to say the least.  We did get to meet some nice people and see a lot of Harley's and custom bikes.    


This is our camp site for the weekend.
Anthony getting some gear from his bike.
One of the interesting spectators.
.A burn out between a custom and a golf cart?
  One way to smoke em. 
A spider web 3-wheeler.
Another custom showing everyone how to smoke em.
One of the odd looking contraptions to ride around the camp grounds on.
And another odd bike.  There were quite a few of these at the event.  Not sure what they were for.
Smoking another one.
And finally to the Bar Stool races.
  And there off....
got a traffic jam in the corner...
and Mario takes the lead....
Looks like it is going to be a photo finish.

One of the many custom bikes.
And one thing I did not want to see!  (and yes, he does not have any clothes on).
One of many ladies.
Collecting the Mardi Graw beads
One of the band members with his new friend.
And Fridays nights entertainment, the Eric Brooke Band.


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