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New Driveway (Fall 2000)

After many years of use and neglect, the driveway had seen better days.  When the house was build in the 50's, a single car garage and lane driveway was all that was needed.  But today, 2 and 3 car families are common place.  The problem was where to park 3 vehicles.  Since the garage can not be expanded, the next option was to enlarge the driveway.  The old driveway was removed and a 9 x 40 foot addition was added.  Now at 18+ feet wide and 40+ feet long, we have room for 5 cars.

The old driveway was removed and loaded into the waiting dump truck.
The new addition was formed and sand was added.
The sand was spread out....
and then was compacted and leveled .
The metal grid was laid...
and the cement was pored.
(hazy background - fog had settled in that day)
and pored...
One truck load done....
The cement was leveled and smoothed....
and smoothed....
The second load of cement finally arrived to complete the job.
And it was leveled and smoothed.
and finally completed. 
A new Driveway!


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