CD/MP3 Player installation

Well my first idea did not work when I installed an AM/FM/CD player to the fairing (who knew a CD would not play vertically).  But I still wanted to play CD's.  So I began to look into portable units that would also play MP3's.  Size was a consideration and I wanted something that had a remote control so that I could start/stop or change songs.  So here is what I came up with.

The first thing was find a remote controlled CD/MP3 player.  What I came up with was a TDK MOJO 620.  It had a wired remote and DC power adapter.
The second thing was how to get the sound from the player to the existing radio and speakers.  Here I used an IRock™ FM transmitter from Radio Shack.  This unit runs on 2 AAA batteries and transmits on one of 4 different FM frequencies. It plugs into the headphone jack on the player.
The next thing was how to power the player and how to mount it so it would not skip.  A 3 outlet DC jack  from Radio Shack solved the power problem and also gave me the option to charge my cell phone while on the road.
A portable CD mounting bracket I had provided a way to mount the player and give it the isolation it needed to reduce the road vibration. The base is in two pieces and has 4 rubber shock mount footings to separate the top plate from the bottom plate.
Now how to mount these devices and where to put it.  A piece of 1/4" Plexiglas cut to size by my local glass store provided a strong light weight base to mount the power outlet, player unit and FM transmitter.  This base would be placed in the top trunk.
A power switch was added so the entire module could be turned off if needed.  
The switch was wired directly to the battery to give power to the power outlet with out having to have the ignition to the bike on.  A quick disconnect plug was use to allow the module to be removed from the trunk.  The system is fused.
The remote was fed through the trunk to a location on the right saddle bag crash bar.  This remote used a special plug, so I could not add to its length.  It allows me to start and stop the unit and change tracks.  I can also plug in a set of ear phones if I do not want to use the radio and its speakers.
The base is held in place by the luggage straps attached to the inside of the trunk.  There was storage space for tools, bungee cords, and other small parts under the base.  No space was wasted in this design.


Revised: 02/19/04
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