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Sunday, 07 January 2018

CB Radio installation

This all started because one of my friends rides a Honda Goldwing.  Since he only has a CB radio available to him for communications, I felt the need to add a system so that we could talk during those long rides.  The system consists of a Midland 75-822 handheld CB/Weather Band radio, a Firestik E30-NGP antenna and a RAM handle bar radio mount.

First I fabricated a mount for the antenna using 1/8" x 3" aluminum.  This was the same type of mount used for the AM/FM antenna too. 
A 1/2" hole was drilled in the center of the aluminum for the antenna to attach to.
The coax cable was connect to a crimp ring...
and connected to the antenna.  The cable assembly is covered by a rubber boot to protect it from the weather.
The CB antenna has a fold down feature that allows the antenna to be tilted to allow the bike to be covered.  The AM/FM antenna telescopes up and down.
The CB radio is mounted to the handle bars using a RAM radio mount.
The mount can tilt in many different directions using the swing arm and two rubberized balls.
The 40 channel CB/weather radio slides in the mount using the belt clip on the back of the radio.  This radio has a mobile transceiver attachment that allow an external antenna and 12 volt power. 
The cable is routed up to the handle bars...
where that antenna connection attaches to the antenna cable.
The antenna cable is zip tied to existing cables.
The power plug plugs in to a 12 volt socket that is mounted to the handle bar head stock.
When not in use the outlet is capped to prevent moisture from getting inside.
When I want driver-to-passenger communications, the CB can be switched to the FRS radios.
The helmet headsets are able to connect to either type of radio by switching connecting cables.
The bike has two power distribution panels.  This one is located in the battery compartment.  The second one is located in the left side of the fairing.



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