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The Bathroom (Winter 1999)

The Bathroom was first remodeled in 1992 with a new coat of paint and wallpaper. This second remodel will include new paint and wallpaper, as well as new light fixtures, updated electrical with GFCI outlets, new wood mini blind, vinyl flooring and cabinet top. Other extras include oak baseboards, wall cabinets and towel racks to match the oak vanity that was in the room when we purchased the house. The plumbing was also updated from cast iron to PVC for the shower, sink and toilet.

First the old wallpaper was striped and the paper backing was soaked and scraped off.
The old baseboard hot air register was removed and will be replaced with a modern adjustable one. The floor will be patched in preparation for the new vinyl flooring.
Nail holes were patched and uneven wall surfaces were smoothed out with dry wall compound.
Next the walls were painted with a primer/sizer in preparation for the wallpaper.
The old tile countertop was removed.
And a new one was installed
This shot shows the pattern of the new tile.
After the wallpaper was applied, the oak cabinets and towel racks were reattached.
A new wood blind was added and a border was placed at the top of the walls.
Pictures and wall hangings added that little extra touch.
New GFCI outlets were put in behind the sink....
and an oak light fixture was placed above the vanity.


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