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Sunday, 07 January 2018

Motorcycle Trailer

This is my new (used) motorcycle trailer.  Now with two-up, I can off load the items in the saddle bags and trunk to the trailer and lighten the load on the bike.  The hitch has a 18 pound tongue weight and the trailer can handle up to 500 lbs.

The trailer consists of a cargo carrier mounted to a metal frame with 8" wheels.  It is equipped with side running lights and rear LED tail/brake lights.  The box was painted to match the bike.
A metal tray is mounted to the tongue for a cooler or other small item.  Safety chains and electrical connection can be seen in this photo.
A metal bar feeds through the brackets on the top and bottom of the cargo box to lock top down.  Additional latches on the front and back help secure the top.
Aluminum skid plates on the back of the trailer act as both a bumper and a way to stand the trailer vertical for easier storage.  Mud flaps help keep debris off the underside of the trailer.
The underside of the trailer is re-enforced with pressure treated lumber.  This gives additional support for the box.
Storage is made easy, vertically on the aluminum supports.
My 1982 GL500 Silverwing and the new trailer.
The Silverwing and trailer make a nice combination for two up, long distance touring.  The trailer helps to off load items from the saddlebags and trunk to lighten the load on the bike.  The air pressure in the rear shock is increased to 65 lbs. for this combination.
Load it up and we are ready to roll!



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