Emergency Kit

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The Emergency Kit consists of an Alinco DR-620 dual band radio and an Alinco DR-235 220 MHz radio w/TNC. Main power is supplied by a Jetstream 14A 12 volt switchable power supply.  Secondary power is supplied using a West Mountain PWRGate and 26 Ah AGM battery through a RIGrunner distribution panel. The kit also utilizes a Kenwood TH-D7 HT with Garmin GPS for APRS.  

The kit also includes a 144/220 MHz SWR meter and external speaker.
  A notebook computer is used to run packet.
The radios, power supply and external speaker are mounted in a rolling 8U Rackmount ABS Flight case. Antenna adapters, adapter cables and other small items can be carried in the case as well.  The case provides portability and protection from the elements if used outside.
The antenna system consists of multiple homemade J-Poles. They include 2 meter, 440MHz, 220MHz and a dual band.  The antennas are mounted to a telescoping pole with tripod mount.  A tripod bag from the local music store provides space to carry the antennas, tripod, cables and other large accessories.

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