Deal's Gap (Honda Hoot - June 24, 2004)

On Thursday we headed to Deal's Gap and "The Dragon".  The Dragon is 318 turns in 11 miles.  A pure adrenalin rush of twists, curves, switch backs, and is one of the best places to test your skills and courage on a motorcycle.  Located in the Smoky Mountains on US129 between Tennessee and North Carolina, just 65 miles from Knoxville and the Hoot.


Deal's Gap, Elevation 1756 feet, Population 6.
The Deal's Gap Motorcycle Resort resides on the South end of "The Dragon" in North Carolina.
They rolled out the welcome mat for the Hoot riders.
A few of the many bikes at the resort.
Just a small gas station (2 pumps and air) and an accessory and gift shop, the only place you can buy a Deal's Gap T-shirt.  You have to ride to get the goodies...
A few bikes pulling in from the ride.
More bikes...
Still more bikes...
This one would be fun to ride on The Dragon.
Outlook Point about half way through "The Dragon".
Over looking the mountains.
The upper river from the Calderwood Dam.
The Calderwood Dam in the background.
The Calderwood Dam.
Some of the beautiful scenery. 
More dam shots.
Me looking OK after the second run through The Dragon.
Anthony starting to feel the roller-coaster effects of 318 curves times 2.
My '82 Silverwing all decked out.
With the GPS tracking, and video tape rolling (on the left handlebar)  we were ready to continue the journey.
Can't get enough of a good Wing.
A few of the others who had stopped at the look out point to take in the view.
The following  6 photos were taken by a gentleman at

This is one series of curves in "The Dragon".


This is me on one of my first run through "The Dragon".

Coming through the corner with Anthony following up in the background.
Anthony leading the way on the third run.
Looking through the corner...
and on my way.
The lake at the lower end of Calderwood dam.
A few rocks showing on the low side of the dam.
Looking across the dam.
At the end of 4 trips through The Dragon, we had had enough.  1272 curves later, not counting the 50 or so just to get there the mind had taken enough and the body agreed.  The Silverwing had performed it's task with ease and it was time to head back to Knoxville for a few minutes of R & R before the nightly party. 

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