Cumberland Gap (Honda Hoot - June 23, 2005)

On Thursday we headed to Cumberland Gap, TN.  Cumberland Gap is right on the border between Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia.   From Pinnacle Lookout you can see all 3 states.  The sponsored ride provided directions and a map to and from the town and a nice lunch once we got there.  Great BBQ!

On the ride back to Knoxville there was in incident involving a couple of riders from Ohio.  Entering a uphill corner the rider in front of us hit a rock in the road and blew the front tire and went down.  After stopping traffic and contacting 911, the police and paramedics arrived to provide aid to the rider.  A broken ankle, broken finger, and dislocated knee were the worst injuries along with a few small cuts and scrapes.  She will live to ride another day and was very lucky indeed.

The Cumberland Gap post office
Some of the bikes lining the street.
More bikes.
One of the few stores in town where we bought the last bottle of sun screen.  Ouch!
The corner restaurant.
The mountain overlooking the town.  This spot is actually in Virginia.
To get to Pinnacle Overlook, we actually had to travel across the border from Tennessee into Kentucky and weave our way up the mountain. At the top we took a foot path to the lookout. Along that path we crossed into Virginia.
This is a view of Cumberland Gap from the lookout in Virginia.  Pretty cool!
Zoomed in from 2440 feet above, you can see the Grey van that took us to the top of the lookout picking up more people.
A view back into Tennessee.
A view back into Kentucky.
One of the many odd rocks at the top of the lookout.
This one looked as if water had once flowed down from the top of the mountain and cut a path forming this odd looking rock.

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