Cherohala Skyway/Deal's Gap (Honda Hoot - June 22, 2005)

On Wednesday  we headed to the Cherohala Skyway and  Deal's Gap and "The Dragon".  The Dragon is 318 turns in 11 miles.  A pure adrenalin rush of twists, curves, switch backs, and is one of the best places to test your skills and courage on a motorcycle.  Located in the Smoky Mountains on US129 between Tennessee and North Carolina, just 65 miles from Knoxville and the Hoot.


The Cherohala Slyway offered some great views of the mountain streams.
This one was just off the highway.
As most of the stream beds, they were mostly rocks.
A view from one of the lookout points.
My riding partner for this trip, my daughter.
Part of the Skyway as seen from the lookout point above.  (Notice the bike on the road below)
My GL500 Silverwing...
with my daughter.
Great shot of the landscape as seen through my left mirror.
The Cheoah Dam (used in the movie "The Fugitive")
Me with the Cheoah dam in the background.
Now this is the scenery I wish I had in Michigan. 
View from the top of the dam.
The powerhouse
Deals Gap and "The Dragon"
Some of the bikes at the resort.
More bikes...
A great looking 1977 CBX.
and a new Suzuki 
The lake at the lower end of Calderwood dam.
Ashleigh with the view of the lake formed by the many dams.
The following  photos were taken by a gentleman at

This was taken on the Skyway.

Riding the Dragon.
more Dragon

The road from above

The sunset over one of the lakes.

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