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Sunday, 07 January 2018

Triple Nickel Ride 2017 (September 1 - 4, 2017)

For the fourth year members of the Great Lakes Road Riders travel to Eastern Ohio and West Virginia for what is called the Triple Nickel (555) Ride. The trip is based in Marietta Ohio on the border with West Virginia.

The ride started Friday in Saginaw Michigan and traveled to Canton Michigan where I met several members at a Tim Horton's.  From there the group traveled south into Ohio and then southeast to the Parkside Restaurant & Tavern in Mt Vernon, Ohio for lunch before continuing to Marietta.

Our Saturday ride to Seneca Caverns in West Virgina met with a lot of liquid sunshine, so instead most of the group elected to watch a movie in the hotel lobby or stay in their rooms. Tanker, G-Money and I (Michwing) braved the light rain and mist to venture into West Virgina for a 120 mile ride and lunch at a Subway.

Sunday's weather was much better and our ride included a loop of some of Ohio's best roads including the 555, 676, 669, 13, 685 and 550. We stopped in McConnelville at the Chatterbox Tavern for one of the best burgers I have ever had. Dinner that night was back in Marietta at a local BBQ joint.

Because of the threat of more heavy rain, Monday's route home to Michigan was via the superslabs of I-70, I-80, US23 and I-75. The ride stayed dry until the last 10 miles where a light rain gave way to a all out down pour as I parked the bike in the garage.

The 555, 676, and other eastern Ohio roads offer many great sweepers, hairpins and elevation changes to challenge any rider.

Overall a Great ride, Great time, and Great company.

Bikes lined up outside the hotel on Friday afternoon
Tanker checking out his ride
Checking out the BMW's
Gary off loading his bike
Our home for the weekend in Marietta
Looking over the menu at the hotel restaurant
Drinks tasted good after the ride from Michigan
Rick and Myron engrossed in conversation
Sunday's ride into Eastern Ohio included some very nice roads with may curves and elevation changes.

(click image to enlarge)
Taking a break on our Sunday ride
all the bikes lined up
Checking out the rides
getting ready to continue the ride
Stopping for lunch
Lunch stop McConnelville, OH
Bikes lined up outside the restaurant
G-Money checking out his Victory
The goldwing lined up with the BMW and the new Indian
City hall
One BIG bucket
might fit a little dirt in there
and just a small chain to lift it
Big Muskie
Fun facts on Big Muskie



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