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Sunday, 07 January 2018

Triple Nickel Ride 2015 (May 22 - 25, 2015)

For the last couple of years members of the Great Lakes Road Riders travel to Eastern Ohio and West Virginia for what is called the Triple Nickel (555) Ride. The trip is based in Marietta Ohio on the border with West Virginia.

The ride started Friday in Saginaw Michigan and traveled to Canton Michigan where I met several members at a Tim Horton's.  From there the group traveled south into Ohio and then southeast to the Parkside Restaurant & Tavern in Mt Vernon, Ohio for lunch before continuing to Marietta on Hwy 555 and 676.

On Saturday we traveled the local roads of highway 26, 260 and 78 in eastern Ohio up to Caldwell for lunch at McDonalds before turning around and heading back to Marietta on the 78, 260 and 7.

Sunday we headed into West Virginia along highway 1 and 2 along side the Ohio River before heading further east and ending in New Martinsville for lunch at Quintets Restaurant. After lunch we crossed the Ohio River again back into Ohio and traveled highway 7, the 260 and 26 back to Marietta.

Monday took us home to Michigan on more traditional super slabs to get us home in short order.

The 555, 676, 26 and 260 offer many great sweepers, hairpins and elevation changes to challenge any rider.

Overall a Great ride, great time, and great company.

Highway 260 in eastern Ohio

(lots of curves and elevation changes, well maintained)

The group in front of one of the many covered bridges
Hune covered bridge on Hwy 26 in Ohio
On the ride back from Caldwell two riders went down on Hwy 260. Only minor injuries and minor bike damage. Both riders and bikes continued on
Checking out G- Money's ride
Local Sherriff doing his thing
Sunday at Meadville Mall in West Virginia on Hwy 7
Quint's Restaurant in New Martinsville West VA for lunch.
Some of the local guests, including the Pug in the drivers seat
Rinard covered bridge on Hwy 26 in Ohio. No longer used, but on display
My 2004 Honda Goldwing taking a rest at the bridge after a long day



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